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Since Trimac’s founding in 1972, a major share of our marketing effort has included “liquid” system prefinished panels. The evolution of prefinishing techniques since then has been impressive. Early factory finishes were done with solvent-based inks, dyes and coatings. Now, all liquid prefinishing at Trimac employs only water based coatings, or 100% solid U.V. (Ultra Violet) systems, which contribute no harmful VOC’s (air pollutants), and present no environmental hazards in the disposition of wastes. Trimac utilizes the best tested, and the newest advances in coatings and technology to offer our customers the most in value and performance.

Durable Paints, Stains, & Topcoats

Sometimes a liquid finish can be the perfect solution to a finishing challenge. Custom colors in required shades together with U.V. clear topcoats with specified gloss levels and appropriate water, stain, and abrasion resistant characteristics can be combined to make a beautiful and durable finish. We are always available to consult on a custom project.


Prefinishing capabilities include coatings for smooth or textured material, interior or exterior usage, one side or two side, opaque or transparent in combination with other finishes, with matching color, or printed woodgrain finishes.

Substrates & Sizes

Substrates for prefinishing include hardwood plywood, softwood plywood, particleboard, MDF, MDO, and other composite panels in thicknesses from 1/10” thru 1 – 1/4”, widths up to 61” and lengths up to 144”.

U.V. Finishes (Ultra Violet Light Energy)

U.V. cured coatings offer the efficiency of a coating with 100% material solids and no VOC’s, and are welcomed in all environmental applications. By using U.V. to instantly cure fillers and sealers, sanding and burnishing of these preparation layers can be accomplished more completely, helping to insure a smoother, more consolidated finish build-up. U.V. topcoats have also demonstrated superior abrasion resistance, and long life durability. Technology has advanced the liquid coating process dramatically, with U.V. techniques.

Alternate Processes

Various curing technologies are possible ranging from direct heat, U.V. lamp exposure, air curing, and various combinations of both. Some types of sealers, fillers and primers are best heat cured, while other types of stains, inks, and topcoats can benefit from a combination of heat and U.V. light-wave exposure.

Multi-Station Finishing Line

As with hand finishing, surface preparation and multi-step application of coatings are the secrets to a rich, deep luster, and durable finish. Our finishing line is one of the most advanced in North America, and has the length and number of computer controlled processing stations to apply virtually any finish system. The results are finished panels that will elicit favorable compliments from your customers.

Best Combinations

Trimac can combine the best features of laminating films with the best attributes of modern liquid finishes, to maximize the versatility and durability of the panels you need for your products.

Here are some of the Liquid & U.V. Finishes that are Available:

  • Priming & Sealing
    siding, signboard
  • Base-coating
  • Clear UV Topcoats
  • Sealers & Stains
  • Buff Stain-block priming
    with mildewcides
  • Woodgrain prints
  • Sign White
  • Exterior Prime MDO
  • Recoatable UV Topcoats
    for sign boards
  • Exterior MDO Edge Coat
  • Baltic Birch U.V. Clear Finish