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Trimac began in 1972 in Portland Oregon with several entries in the wall paneling market. This unique product group required precision gravure printing, coating, and grooving. The designs that Trimac marketed found a home with building material distributors and large retailers alike.

Prompting Trimac’s growth, we were instrumental in the development of one of the first prefinished kitchen cabinet interiors. Our attention to design coupled with our ability to prefinish panels helped our customers solve some of their toughest supply problems. Since then, we have helped dozens of cabinet manufacturers fulfill their need for a unique cabinet interior.

Today, our primary production facility is located in Vancouver, WA, USA. The 150,000 square foot facility is designed to create the panels and components our customers need. Our focus today remains the same as it was in 1972… To produce the right product at the right time at the right price for you.

The Value of Our People

Being a leader in our industry requires one resource above all others - great people. To successfully respond to the changing needs of our customers, Trimac has identified, developed, and retained quality people who can adapt quickly - people with the vision and courage to express their views, people willing to assume risk, take ownership, and be accountable for their actions. In return, Trimac provides an exceptional working environment and recognizes that its people are the driving force behind our success. Team spirit promotes cooperation among fellow employees and our employees have the opportunity to make a substantial impact on the future success of Trimac.