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THE solution for a perfect project. Because we use the same overlay for ExactMatch molding as we do for the panels, there is never any doubt. The molding and the panels are an EXACT MATCH. Better yet, only two profiles will provide everything you need to create a perfectly finished job. ExactMatch is easy to work with. No more frustration with trying to nail into rock hard MDF. We use pine lumber for our wainscot/casing profile, which makes cutting and nailing a cinch. The combination molding utilizes a three ply veneer panel. Our unique design enhances flexibility and durability. Durable, non-recoatable urethane topcoats make clean up a snap. All ExactMatch molding is supplied in 8' lengths. The Wainscot / Casing is 2 – ¼" wide, Combination molding is 1-1/8" wide.




If your project requires a paintable surface, try Advantage Spectrum White – the only paintable overlay in our Exactmatch line-up. Pine lumber for Wainscot/Casing and 3 Ply Veneer for Combination Molding makes for easy cutting and nailing.